Friday, October 4, 2013

The Living Room Furniture Dilemma

It seemed like a good idea to get new furniture for the living room since it is smaller in scale.  Our TV and console will fit just fine. It is similar to the one in the model but shorter.  The trick is finding a couch that's not too bulky.  I tend to like the bigger, bulkier pieces.   We thought about getting 2 smaller couches and a chair or 3 chairs and one couch. . . decisions, decisions.  I really loved the big "chair and a half" with ottoman like the one at the cabin last Thanksgiving.  We can set the couches half on the tile and half on the carpeting, so that will give us a little more room.  Any and all ideas are welcome!!!  I'm leaning dark brown with red accents and pillows to perk things ups.
The carpeted area is about 14 1/2 feet square.  I love the style of fireplace and hearth.
One side is open to the banister and tile.

The other side is open to the kitchen. It is about 9 1/2 feet from the fireplace to the edge of the carpeting.

Here is the staged room.  The area rug is pretty but it's not a priority since we'll need runners for the tile.
 I really like the red accents
I almost think you could have another couch or two chairs with a table in between in front of the banister.   

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