Thursday, October 3, 2013

Iron County Festival of Homes

Walking up to the front door.

This is what you see when you open the front door: the great room, kitchen and banister for the basement stairs.

This is the entry way to the right.  The travertine tile is beautiful,but I wish the carpeting went all the way to the banister and into the hallway. For now we are on the lookout for some runners.  I have concerns about tripping over them frequently..... 

This is the "library" to the left of the entry way.  It has pretty 12' ceilings and wood look - tile flooring.  There is a closet with shelves on the right wall just outside of the picture.  I think that's where we'll put all our photo albums and genealogy.
 I want to put the piano in here where the bookshelf is and then fill it with bookshelves and a comfy chair or two.  We will need to get an area rug for this room. Craig wants this to be my sewing room, but I don't want it right next to the front door.

The kitchen is a dream come true.  It is gorgeous.  We need to get 4 new barstools. 

At first I thought it was a double oven, but rats, it's the microwave.  Our frig (frog - inside joke) died in August so it will be nice to have a new one.  The frig is included. 

This is the view of the kitchen standing next to the frig.  You can see a bit of our amazing view.

I am hoping the hutch will look okay on the wall where the picture is. 

We love the corner fireplace and hearth.  Our TV will fit in the same spot, but ours isn't quite that large.  We need to get new living room furniture but aren't loving anything quite yet. Suggestions are welcome.  Our current furniture is too bulky for this room but it will be perfect in the basement.

This is the entrance coming in from the garage.  The larger hallway area creates a mudroom for us.  The lockers are so cute.  The laundry room is lovely.  It even has a sink.  And the washer and dryer are included.  We need to find out about getting pedastals for them or seeing if they can just build up a pedestal that will match the cupboards.  I am going to use the cupboards for kitchen overflow for dishes, appliances, cake decorating stuff, serving pieces, etc. 

The master bedroom is on the other side of the laundry room.  It is wired for the TV hook up where the bed is here.  The nice thing will be looking out at the view with the bed on the opposite wall.  I think our furniture should just fit.

Our least favorite thing about the house - the dopey arch into the bathroom with no door.  Just like our house now, and we hate it.  We are going to see if the builder can change it up and give us a real door. 

Despite the dopey archway, the bathroom is lovely.  The glass isn't on the shower in this photo.  We are hoping to switch out the clear glass for something frosted so the water spots aren't quite as noticeable.  There are sinks on either side of the tub.  To the left of the shower is the toilet in it's very own room, and to the right is the closet.

This closet is quite lovely.  All the shelving is adjustable, it should be great.

This is the main bathroom.  It is beautiful and has a full linen closet behing the door, kind of like Mark and Rebecca's house.

Then there are three more bedrooms, 2 facing the front of the house and one with a window opening to the back.  Just your basic bedrooms.  The basement is unfinished, so no photos of that on this site, but I took a bunch. 

The Iron County Home Builders Association Festival of Homes was held August 30- September 2 and September 6, 2013.  Our house is #11 The Eagle's Nest

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