Monday, November 4, 2013

The First Snowfall of the Season

When our son-in-law Mark called to say he was going to be in town for business, and wanted to help with our move, it seemed like a perfect time to rent a 26' truck and take a load up to the storage unit in Cedar City.  Greg and Melissa and Rich Gray came over on Saturday to help.  We love our kids and their friends! We packed up the entire garage and anything else that was packed and ready to go.  Craig was surprised how much we were able to get loaded and it really will make a dent in our final bill with the movers.  Of course, the day we unloaded was the first snowfall of the season, and by the time we got to the storage unit it was wet and sleety.  I will take that instead of 100 degree heat any day!
One of the perks of moving to Cedar City is reuniting with dear friends from Moreno Valley, who so kindly helped unload.  Richie Hansen has been doing an internship this fall in Cedar City.  He was one of my preschoolers and his parents are good friends.  Brian Brown has been a dear friend for over 20 years.
Craig and Tim Dulaney tackle the load.  Tim was Craig's best man.  We are so excited to live near the Brown's and Dulaney's. 
I thought I got a picture of the huge truck that was almost filled. This will have to do.  The unloading went fast with all the extra help.  We took apart the shelving in our garage in California and loaded it on the truck.  We are hoping to get the shelves up in Utah before the movers arrive to deliver the rest of our belongings.  Good times! 

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